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              1. Hello. Welcome to Yongkang Yipin Shi cup Industry Co., ltd.!
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                Yongkang Yipinshi Cups Co., Ltd.

                Add:Building 4, No. 138 Wanjin Avenue, Industrial Function Division, Zhiying Town, Yongkang City
                Con:Mr Yu

                        Yongkang Yipinshi Cups Co., Ltd. is located in China hardware capital - Yongkang, is a professional production of insulation Cup series based enterprises. After years of development, the Iraqi Shi Cup Ltd. products from a single field, to diversify, to large comprehensive enterprise, growing by leaps and bounds through three stages. The company introduced the research, management, marketing and other aspects of personnel to the new production management, marketing services model, after-sale protection mode new look with new and old customers to meet, focusing on creating "Iraq Commodities Shi" brand, the company produces stainless steel mug , vacuum mug, ceramic mug, children mug, office cup, bullet mug, travel pots and other products, with its good quality and very competitive price marketing in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions, deep favored customers, with a wide range of markets and a stable customer base.
                         The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, AQSIQ issued by the country's industrial production permit (QS); Iraq for three consecutive years won the famous trademark Shi Jinhua trademarks, and was assessed as "Jinhua City, hundreds of quality letter the units. " Iranian goods Shi "pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, "people-oriented, quality win and technology escort" business philosophy to "brand, quality advantages, scale advantages, the price advantage" to dominate the market, to win the trust of consumers, products allow consumers to see the Iraqi official sincere heart. The opportunities and challenges of today, the Iraqi official product with high quality products and sincere service and look forward to your visit! Welcome domestic and foreign merchants letter calls to discuss the order.
                        In the new century, the company will be a higher profile to meet new challenges, production and development of better products, better service, and promote life to a higher level of the people, for a better tomorrow!!

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